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Finding the Right Choice for You

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Here For You

Online sessions are a more convenient and affordable way for you to access therapy, and in fact research shows that it is just as effective as traditional, in situ therapy. The majority of my clients take part in online sessions, and online therapy sessions represent a major shift in modern psychology: using technology to make individual and couples therapy more accessible for you. This use of technology is also known as “telemedicine”, and is part of a growing shift in the healthcare industry, which I embrace. This technology allows you more convenience and on-demand benefits.



A Happier, Healthier You

Through personalized assessment, formulation and interventions, individual therapy is about working collaboratively to facilitate the achievement of your specific therapeutic goals. At the core of sound psychological therapy is a strong working relationship between you and your therapist - one built on non-judgement, trust and understanding. Within this safe and confidential space, you can reflect on what you are going through. Using an integrative approach, including CBT and Person-Centered Therapy, both short-term and long-term interventions offer you a means of gaining insight into your difficulties, as well about yourself. Individual therapy not only provides you practical tools for coping with issues now, but equips you to tackle challenges in the future.

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Working Together

The bond with a romantic partner can be one of the most meaningful interpersonal relationships of your life, and yet no one is ever taught outright how to create healthy, loving relationships - nor how to maintain them during times of difficulty. Couples therapy is beneficial for any kind of relationship you may have, whether you are straight, LGBTQ+, mixed-race, young, old, dating, engaged or married. It can work on a preventative basis, for example, building communication skills in pre-marriage counselling, or on tackling long-term struggles, such as addiction or infidelity. The aim of couples therapy is to (re)build your intimacy - whether emotionally or sexually - through gaining insight into relational patterns of behavior, resolving conflicts, and improving satisfaction, using a variety of therapeutic tools. My philosophy is that every couple is different: sessions will unravel that unique story, for you to make sense of your desires and goals for the future.

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Specializations & Focus

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Balanced Care

High levels of stress are pervasive, with anxiety disorders affecting about 18% of people every year, making anxiety the most common mental health complaint. Whilst only about 37% of sufferers seek support, the positive news for you is that anxiety is actually highly treatable. Due to my background and experience, I have a special interest in its management, whether you are simply going through a challenging time of strain, or you are in need of a customized intervention for a specific issue (e.g. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Phobia, Specific Phobia).

Adjustment Through Awareness

More than ever, we live in a transnational world, and you may be one of the millions of people emigrating for business, study or pleasure. Or perhaps you are a second-generation immigrant or a "third culture kid", who has always had to juggle conflicting cultural pressures. No matter what your background or reason for travel may be, moving between countries and cultures can have a dramatic effect on your state of mind and identity. I have worked with expats, international students, refugees and many other multicultural people, and specialize in helping those going through geographic and cultural transition to gain understanding and adaptation.

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Minds Over Matters is a safe place for people of all ages, genders, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and walks of life.

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